Overcoming Disgust

Eat insects, Save the World!
Thu. 25.6.2020 17.00 to 17.30 Uhr
by Claudia Montalvo, Leo Mühlfeld, Paul Mairböck, Barbara Ejdys — DESIGN INVESTIGATIONS
Industrial Design 2

Although it has numerous environmental advantages, people in some cultures find the thought of eating insects repulsive. To shift such preconceived cultural norms, we invented a performative cooking show and pop-up restaurant called “La Nourriture du Futur!” as a familiar trope.

The Chef, in a television-styled performance, cooks seven different meals – all containing insects – for his eager audience. Prepared on a bespoke, beautifully crafted cooking machine featuring a rotating drum and a liquid nitrogen chilled pot. The dramatically conjured insect meals are presented in a highly desirable gourmet-style, to help audiences and guests overcome disgust.

For Questions & Answers (Q&A) during the Live-Event please click this link! -> https://zoom.us/j/95343152038