Workshop with collective “Jünglinge“

Queer, post-migrant, feminist collective filming, storytelling, writing and producing

〔2.7.〕  15:00-17:00
Fritz-Wotruba-Promenade, under the MAK-Terrasse-Roof
Transcultural Studies
Transcultural Studies with Collective “Jünglinge“

The collective “Jünglinge” develops new queer, feminist and post-migrant narrative formats, among others in their film “Futur Drei” (July 3rd at Kaleidoskop), but also in their work on the web series “Druck”. Raquel Dukpa and Paulina Lorenz will talk about their experiences. They will discuss collective work and possibilities of “allyship”, autofictional storytelling/working with biographical experiences and possibilities of anti-discriminatory set/film work.

Registration in advance at Location: Beneath the roof of the MAK-Terrasse along the Fritz-Wotruba-Promenade at the Wienfluss –