Think Exposed

〔29.6.〕 – 〔2.7.〕  11:00-20:00
Schwanzer-Trakt, 3. OG, Klasse Fotografie
at the university
Students of the Department of Photography with Peter Hoiß

RGB, analogue pixels, tattoo ink beneath the skin. How is the photographic image constructed? Different approaches to image truths and collectively developing the exhibition are in focus. Students respond to each other in their creative work process as they draw mutual inspiration from visual or content-related aspects. Intuitively the students thus relate to the playful method of Cadavre Exquis, which was developed in surrealism to detach control from reason. A hundred years ago this collective collage was used: sheets of paper were folded and passed on and a picture was drawn piece by piece. The exhibition results from a course by guest lecturer Peter Hoiß showing works by Sebastian Eder, Caroline Haberl, Nele Viktoria Hazod, Tamara Kanfer, Ammar Khadour, Matthias Köck, Noah Kolb, Katharina Kostroubina, Fritz Lichtenwagner, Ismael Picker-Schiebel, Roman Peter Prostejovsky, Julia Reichmayr, Anna Carina Roth, Ludovico Scalmani, Valentin Unger and Peter Elias Walde.