Running wild

Come up and see me, make me smile or do what you want, running wild (Steve Harley)

〔29.6.〕 – 〔2.7.〕  11:00-20:00
Schwanzer-Trakt, 5. OG
at the university
Stage and Film Design
Students of the Department of Stage and Film Design

Come up and see. We went on, thought on, laughed on. We have what we have here, you see, you see a mess here, go around, let yourself go, let yourself stand; is this art or can it go, no, oh, oh no, it’s just in the way. Where was I going again? A tour of the department of stage and film design. With lots of stage, film and lots of design. Haha. Yesyes. Everything as in defiance, everything as never, just not as ever.

The exhibition as an inventory of diverse artistic work processes at the stage and film design department in the context of the last two (corona) semesters: visual dialogues, a cooperative project with students at HAW hamburg, supervised by alexander fahima; model making, supervised by hartmut ehrhardt, set design “ich und die anderen”, supervised by hannes salat; “pathos at home” videos, as well as works on the main artistic subject’s current themes: game of illusions, soliman, kirschgartenstrasse and: And now something completely funny. After being forced to work in other and virtual spaces, we are back at the university to enter a new discourse together.

Marlen Duken, Grundmodell Berliner Ensemble, 2021

Visuelle Dialoge, Cooperation with HAW, 2021, Photo: Alexander Fahima

Lena Michalik, Eine Schwester oder Tante, 2021

Basak Dasdan, Stage Design Luigi Nono, Al gran sole, 2021