〔29.6.〕  17:00-21:00
Unterführung U4, Unterführung U4, Meidlinger Hauptstraße, Ausgang Ullmannstraße, 1150 Wien
in the city
Graphic Design
On show will be works by: Laura Burtscher, Bemir Bilalic, Annija Česka, Dominik Einfalt, Burcu Erbay, Anaïs Eriksson, Zoe Guggenbichler, Malin Hoff, Winona Hudec, Marlene Kager, Philip Kosak, Elizaveta Kruchinina, Mirjam Lingitz, Sebastian Lou, Aliya Nurgaliyeva, Maximilian Prag, Osvald Rasmussen, Linda Reitmeier, Verena Repar, Maria Rudakova, Matthias Schöllhorn, Julia Winkler.

The pandemic impacts our personal and societal life. We live accompanied by worries about our personal health and that of family and friends. We are affected by insecurities regarding our professional and financial future. We follow statistics on the death toll, intensive care units and vaccine doses. For many of us this time is putting a strain on our mental health.

Our city has become quieter. Public life is curtailed. Culture is largely put on halt. The immediacy of our experiences and live encounters are largely missing.

Therefor the students of Klasse Kartak have worked out a project, that aims to revive our city and its people. We call it: RE-ANIMATE VIENNA.

Klasse Kartak puts on a 46 minute audiovisual projection show at Augarten. We project onto the Flakturm, that we view as a monument against the destruction and suffering caused by war. This event will take place in early October 2021.

To the music of Austrian composer Lukas Koenig and supported by the artists’ collective hand mit auge we will transform the Flakturm into a beacon of resurgent life and of collective joy.

As part of the festival we open a public wall gallery in the pedestrian underpass beneath Linke Wienzeile, that connects the U4 underground station Meidling to Ullmanstraße. Students paint the entire 30m long underpass and its stairs with personal motives using a variety of techniques. We hope to be able to give joy and amazement to a wide public.

We thank Burghauptmannschaft, Bundesgärten Wien, Bezirksvertretung 1150 and Magistratsabteilungen 29 and 36 for their kind support.