Raum 46 – Konzepte des Zwielichts

About the ambiguous in the picture

〔29.6.〕 – 〔2.7.〕  11:00-20:00
EG, Raum 046
at the university
Applied Photography and Time-Based Media
Center Research Focus
Adriána Angeli, Vincent Forstenlechner, Michael Giefing, Benjamin Laabmayr, Lea Mair, Olesya Pafenuk, Nico Pistec, Mirjam Reiter, Lea Sonderegger, Laura Spes, Anna Skuratovski, Lukas Thüringer, Moritz Zangl. Kuratiert von Caroline Heider und Ruth Horak im Rahmen des Intra-Projekts „Magic Hour – The uncanniness of twilight“. Study by Gernot Gerger.

Twilight, in which things do not appear entirely clear, is the godfather of effects of vagueness or questionability in images. Images influence in a sublime way: they evoke moods, direct the gaze, introduce allusions and can set the unambiguous in twilight. The effect of these deliberate manoeuvres on its recipients feeds an empirical aesthetic study (Gernot Gerger).