From the programme "Questionology" Cordula Daus, Charlotta Ruth, Simon Repp & Team

〔29.6.〕 – 〔2.7.〕  11:00-20:00
Rustenschacherallee, (+) VZA 7 Raum 001
in the city
Center Research Focus
Cordula Daus, Charlotta Ruth, Simon Repp, Hinnerk Utermann, [M] Dudeck

A team of almost doctors of language art, expanded choreography, midwifing, neuroscience, architecture and software engineering have joined forces to design a programme to practice the art of questioning: Questionology. At Zentrum Fokus Forschung we invite you to test three of our soft-wares. Tune your moods with the Whichdoctor, bewilder yourself with y/our answers in a questionnaire and train yourself in a treasure hunt for human support in our garden.