Performance and/or site-specific art

〔1.7.〕  18:00-22:00
Site Specific Art
Nathan Cha, Safia El Maataoui, Tina Graf, Veronika Haller, Fiona Hauser, Els van Houtert, Sebastian Lang, Paula Oberndorfer, Laura Oyuela, Michael Plessl, Florin Stanzer, Artur Schernthaner-Lourdesamy, Miloš Vučićević, sowie Luca Büchler, Filippo Contatore, Konstantin Leitner, Judith Raupp and Judith Huschauer/Sebastian Sattlecker/FlorinStanzer  

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In collaboration with Krassimira Kruschkova, students have developed a series of live and video performances that will be presented. The collective performance “Still keeping it together” addresses the cohesion within the group – as a group performance. Speculative instead of spectacular. No given community, rather its irredeemability. The “we” as a situated construct in the precise blurring of our parallel worlds.

Also on display will be individually conceived performances by students, among others: Luca Büchler, Nathan Cha, Veronika Haller, Konstantin Leitner, Laura Oyuela, Artur Schernthaner-Lourdesamy, as well as Filippo Contatore, Judith Raupp, Florin Stanzer and Sebastian Sattlecker.