Context meets opposites

〔29.6.〕 – 〔2.7.〕  11:00-20:00
EG, Garderobe
at the university
Media Theory
Department for media theory with Gerda Lampalzer-Oppermann in cooperation with the Artificial Museum

The exhibition brings together various artistic positions on the theme of “opposition”. The reflection on the function of “opposition” in art, culture and society is made tangible through two contrasting presentation formats: on the one hand, the project [Opposition] takes place as a virtual Ringstraßen tour in the Artificial Museum (artificialmuseum.com), on the other hand, the associated reference objects can be viewed in the real space of the Angewandte.

Magdalena Marie Friedl, Verena Tscherner, Cristian Anutoiu, Elias Jocher, Litto / Daniela Weiss, Ýlkhan Selçuk Erdoðan, Ferdinand Doblhammer, Sissi Petutschnig & Caroline Gritsch, Patryk Senwicki, Manuel Cyrill Bachinger

Opening und Tour June 29, 17:30 Meeting-Point at Karl-Lueger-Platz, 1010 Vienna