In the Shard Room (excerpts)

〔29.6.〕 – 〔2.7.〕  11:00-20:00
Ferstel-Trakt, EG, Keramikstudio
at the university
Studies in Art and Culture
Fedra Benoli, Magdalena Bernhard, Christoph Blocher, Estrella Chupik, Anna Draxl, Helene Eisl, Claudia Geringer, Levi Knoll, Ursula Pokorny, Aykon Süslü, Dave Walker, Rebecca Wendeborn, Vivian Zech – students Eva Kernbauer, Sophie Geretsegger (Department Art History) Maria Wiala, Alexandra Zaitseva (Ceramics Studio) Gabriela Krist, Johanna Runkel, Manfred Trummer (Institute for Conservation) Barbara Praher (student coordination of MA-KuWi)

Smashed Japanese Imari, splinters of Chinese and European porcelain: The “Shard Room” at Loosdorf Castle, ruin of a private collection of East Asian and European porcelain, attests to the global networks of East Asian porcelain exports, destruction and iconoclasm. In order to trace the biographies of these objects, we have created, smashed and glued porcelain. The projects convey various approaches to the aesthetics and semantics of broken glass, and to reconstruction and restoration.