Feminist Art Education and Kunst am Bau-Tour

On the road with the Center for Didactics of Art and Interdisciplinary Education

〔1.7.〕  15:00-17:00
Center for Didactics of Art
Students of Art Education with Ruth Mateus-Berr, Eva Greisberger, L. Vanessa Gruber and Erste Bank Foundation

Registration and Reservation at angewandtefestival.at/anmeldung

Going for a walk in dialogue with art didactics. Our theme tour leads us to a reference point of interdisciplinary exchange, the Erste Bank Campus. At the meeting point, students will present graphic novels on female positions in art didactics, which will accompany us on our way. Arriving at the Erste Bank Campus, we are invited to an exciting guided tour through the exhibition “Kunst am Bau” by the Kontakt Collection.