Exhibition of the final theses of Language Arts

〔29.6.〕 – 〔2.7.〕  11:00-20:00
EG, Luftraum im Atrium
at the university
Language Arts
Students of the Department of Language Arts

The final projects of the Institute of Language Arts are diverse. They include drama, prose and poetry, they experiment, they are more than text to be read, heard and embodied; not one single text that remains among itself. In the context of the Angewandte Festival, language arts leave their building on Salzgries:

Something is in the air. Is it confetti, glittering as it falls to the ground? Texts by the graduates hatching the sky? Is it a hot air balloon with the institute’s new director Gerhild Steinbuch and the new professor Monika Rinck? What they are calling? THESE SENTENCES WILL HANG IN THE ATRIUM LIKE FRUIT ON THE ROOMS.

Students of language arts will fill the airspace of the VZA7 atrium with their texts: Banners with fragments, quotations from larger projects, as protest notes, intervention, invitation to conversation. The sentences that play the space and play through the space are representative of the final projects, which will be presented at a reading on 30.6. at Usus am Wasser.

Hannah Bründl – DRAINED. Drama Florentin Berger-Monit – UNDERWATER. Drama Nora Hofmann – rota orat / das rad, es spricht. Poems Bettina Scheiflinger – Erbgut. Novel Sirka Elspaß – Mutter und andere Pointen. Poems Sandro Huber – DOUX. Poems Katharina Klein – Father Language Motherland. Novel Anna Maschik – Alma. Novel