Deal With It.

〔29.6.〕 – 〔2.7.〕  11:00-20:00
4. OG, SR 21
at the university
Students of the Department of Site Specific Art

An accidental grammar of places: black and white archives, creatures’ dreams, distanced proximity, fictional characters, hairy chemicals, hyperactive presence, the interior of the public space, imitation of the perfect, landscape patchwork, memory of shadows, metaphorical realities, nonverbal exercise, trials and errors, past, present, and future of mankind, patterns of identity, posthuman allrounders, processes that do not touch depth, safe places, something very small. This group exhibition provides a glimpse of current works, strategies, and practices by students of the Department of Site-Specific Art. With contributions by Joshua Bond, Andreas Budak, Nathan Cha, Yeonwoo Chang, Filippo Contatore, Nora Drumeva, Sara Ghalandari, Paula Hernandez, Minseo Kwon, Konstantin Leitner, Niña Lerch, Katharina Mährlen, Pooneh Mojtaba, Sissi Petutschnig, Michael Plessl, Raphael Reichl, Andres Torres, Tsai-Ju Wu.

Space/Book Also part of the exhibition are publications and artist’s books conceived and designed by students together with visiting professor Nicole Six. They question the artist’s book as a space in which processes are documented and made visible by developing an idea page by page, analyzing materials, interpreting them, critically reflecting on them, and translating them into a new form. Through layering, sequencing, and a variety of dramaturgical strategies, a space is created, a narrative emerges, and at the same time an object.

With works by: Niña Lerch, Sissi Petutschnig, Michael Plessl und Miña Tarilonte Rodríguez

Still keeping it together, 2021, Photo: Laura Oyuela