The Russian Diaspora in the Framework of Soft Power

Cross-Disciplinary Strategies
Institute of Arts and Society
Alla Charnagalov (Bachelor Thesis)
Betreuer*in: Monika Mokre, Adnan Balcinovic & Christine Böhler

This bachelor’s thesis examines the contemporary Russian diaspora and how it can be conceived in the framework of soft power – the ‘power of attraction’. In the course of this bachelor’s thesis a methodologically plural qualitative analysis of the contemporary Russian diaspora interlinked with Nye’s soft power concept sheds light on how the Russian diaspora can project soft power in the context of its three main pillars – culture, political values, and foreign policy. This further makes it possible to assess concentrations on how and where the Russian diaspora can generate soft power. It is concluded that the Russian diaspora can act as a catalyst to improve Russia’s foreign relations and promote an attractive image of Russia abroad, especially by means of cultural traditions, customs, and products.