Rancho Cucamonga Dude Ranch

An alternative mixed-species typology for the suburbs

Architectural Design 2
Institute of Architecture
Michael McCann Tingen (Master Thesis)
Betreuer*in: Greg Lynn

The ambition of RCDR is to blend the civic functions of the BLVD. with those of agricultural tourism into a new architectural typology.

This new typology of the boulevard, a hybrid of architecture, transit infrastructure and landscape design, emphasizes these discipline’s common quality of circulation to derive networks of urban amenity and cultural attraction.

In doing so, this new typology aims to enrich both the quality of living and potential for architectural complexity in the suburbs.

Rancho Cucamonga Dude Ranch leverages the liminality of the suburbs to invite qualities from both cities and farms, providing mobility and civic amenities to its surrounding community, activating multi-species experiences.

By bringing a dude ranch into town, this typology proposes an alternative model for multi-species community building and urban agricultural tourism, close to home.