Mutual aid in self-organized societies

Art & Science
Institute of Fine Arts and Media Art
Marko Marković (Master Thesis)
Betreuer*in: Virgil Widrich & Bernd Kräftner

“Mutual aid in self-organized societies ” considers questions of the social behaviors of collectives and individuals by relating them to the concept of mutual aid in examples of self-organized, non-hierarchical societies with autonomous methodologies as strategies of survival, solidarity, and self-sustainability. Referring to the philosophical directions of the anarchistic school of thought, Marković emphasizes the meaning of mutual aid as social models and their possibilities in the time of the “new reality.” Research work conducted within socially engaged art practice, accumulated in a theoretical written publication and presented as a musical performance relaying on the discussed topics of anarchism and mutual aid and their meaning in the present time. The musical part consisted of compositions, Europe memento mori and Cannibal, integrated as one piece performed by Ausländer band.