Increased Well-being Through Hiking

in Scientific and Non-scientific Knowledge

Cross-Disciplinary Strategies
Institute of Arts and Society
Michaela Koffler (Bachelor Thesis)
Betreuer*in: Elisabeth Oberzaucher, Adnan Balcinovic & Christine Böhler

In order to improve mental well-being, it is important to look at the biological and psychological processes and mechanisms that can promote and influence it. The present bachelor’s thesis explores several of these processes through the example of the recreational activity hiking, as it can promote well-being on several different levels for a wide range of people. Addressing the research question “How does hiking increase well-being?” the theoretical part of this thesis examines different sub-aspects of hiking that can potentially improve well-being. For the applied part a booklet was created containing knowledge from non-scientists and from scientists alike, presented through narrative and creative writing. Combined insights create a more holistic and cross-disciplinary approach in raising awareness about the positive effects of hiking on well-being.