A Companion for Blind People

Graphic Design
Institute of Design
Joohyun Lee (Diploma Project)
Betreuer*in: Oliver Kartak

GILBERT is an AI-powered mobile app for blind people that audibly describes the surroundings adapting the most recent smartphone technology. I am not a blind person myself. But after a couple of incidents that occurred to me by chance with blind people, it appeared to me that it is very difficult for a blind person to be out on the street when they are alone, especially at a new place. They need someone beside them who describes the surrounding world for them. However, other people can not be available whenever and wherever. GILBERT intends to be a companion for blind people who describes the surrounding world for blind people, walking along with them. GILBERT also includes the participation of sighted people to compensate for the imperfection of AI image recognition, which as a result offers a connection between the blind and the sighted, enhancing our society’s inclusivity.