Sexuality and Self-identification

Social Design
Viktoriia Slynchuk (Master Thesis)
Betreuer*in: Brigitte Felderer

The project „Sexuality and Self-identification“ shows a small video story, which is presented in the form of a self-analysis of one person changing between two chairs. On the left chair the character talks about her problems in her sexual life, and when she sits on the right chair she becomes „rational“ and asks a question to herself to try to figure out what was the problem with her sexual experiences. It starts along simple stories about her sexual experiences told in a style as she would tell them to a friend. Through the dialogue with herself she starts to realize the patterns. In the dialogue with herself she digs into the reasons why her sexual experiences with some people are brighter than with others. She sees the origins leading to the still existing morals as proclaimed by Aron Zalkind in his work “The Twelve Sexual Commandments of the Revolutionary Proletariat”.