Reminisce Architecture

A Digital Fossil

Architekturentwurf 3
Leonard Kern (Master Thesis)
Betreuer*in: Hani Rashid

Reminisce Architecture is about storing and revisualising zeitgeist memories through architecture. Specifically how memories can become an architectural manifestation within a museum typology, as a monument and as a time capsule.

Data, carved, inside 10.000 years high resilience quartz glass allows us to create digital fossils. These engravings allow people to interact with the stored data through AR contact lenses. Accessible within memory theatres for immersive experiences or via browsing the etched archive, the memories become visualised as holographic dynamic point-clouds.

The Central Park Reservoir offers the perfect void for Reminisce Architecture. Inspired by the idea of the unfolded Guggenheim Museum the main path cuts into the water and leads through a series of courtyards, circling the digital fossils and memory theatres, down into the architecture.

Leonard Kern, Reminisce Architecture, Studio Rashid, WS2020-21, Exterior 02

Leonard Kern, Reminisce Architecture, Studio Rashid, WS2020-21, Interior 01