Würmla’s Walls

A village tells stories
Fri. 26.6.2020 13.30 to 14.30 Uhr
Litfaß Pillar 1090Würmlas Wände
Katharina C. Herzog and Mavid Leitner Alumni of Grafik und Werbung
Graphics and Advertising

Katharina C. Herzog and David Leitner guide visitors through their diploma work Würmla’s Walls. Between April and October 2019, 13 walls – from stables and old cellars to fodder silos – were painted with motifs in the market municipality of Würmla. The contents were generated in interviews with the owners of the walls and provide insights into the lives and mindsets of people in the village.

Würmla’s Walls was initiated as an attempt to use urban art to stimulate dialogue between cities and rural regions. The presentation includes a selection of walls, the surrounding landscape, and discussions with the people behind the scenes.