Work In Progress

Department Industrial Design 1
Industrial Design 1

Half of our lives, so they say, is spent on work or what we consider work. Perhaps, it is because we invest the majority of our waking hours in it, but surely because work shapes our self-image in many ways.


WORK IN PROGRESS investigates contemporary influences on our work environments, the technological, economic, and social transformations, and resulted in a showcase of exhibits that as a whole reflect the state and future challenges of work. These projects are comments or suggestions from the students in the form of processes, systems, furniture, objects, clothing, devices, and videos.

WORK IN PROGRESS will be on display in Cologne in 2021. Our project partner is Wagner Living, an Augsburg-based company specialised in office furniture. The exhibition was developed in collaboration with Gonzalez Haase AAS and curated by Matylda Krzykowski (both from Berlin), with a graphic design concept by Bureau Borsche (Munich).

Prof. Stefan Diez, Industrial Design 1

Ludwig Bachmann, 9-to-5 in Process

Process-based traces emerging from office work, questioning and examining the repetition of work.

9-to-5 describes a working time in a conventional job with a 40h week. The outcome of the project visualises an nonbinary outcome of officework that is emphasizing the aesthetics of everyday office life.

Carbonpaper transfers the incidental traces left by office chair wheels to canvas.