WID Lectures

Peter Weibel - Research Institute for Digital Cultures

The WID Lectures are a small series of lectures that present different approaches in the extensive field of algorithmic intelligence and explore topics such as digital physicality, predictive processing, and the dialectics of virtual space. Originally planned as live events for the summer semester, the lectures will be available, in performative and interactive real-time settings, on the institute’s website (wid.uni-ak.ac.at) as part of the Angewandte Festival.


WID Lecture guests:

Artist and filmmaker Manu Luksch will premiere (in collaboration with composer and mathematician Mukul Patel) an audiovisual performance featuring photogrammetry and a quote from Shoshana Zuboff’s lecture at the 2019 Computers, Privacy and Data Protection conference: “As one data scientist explained to me, we can engineer the context around a particular behavior and force change that way … We are learning how to write the music, and then we let the music make them dance.” Moritz Kriegleder’s lecture examines the concepts of enactivism and predictive processing and their implications for the future of artificial life and artificial intelligence. He is a cognitive scientist and quantum physicist at the University of Vienna.


Dancer, artist, and architect Christina Jauernik presents INTRA SPACE (an arts-based research project funded by FWF/PEEK [AR299-G21] 2015–2017), an experimental zone created to explore the diaphanous relationships between virtual characters, people, technical devices, and machines.



Prof. Peter Weibel, Forschungsinstitut für digitale Kulturen

Manu Luksch, Algo-Rhythm, still from video

WID-Lecture mit Moritz Kriegleder