Francesca Centonze, Vanessa Mazanik, Sara Röth & Julius Pristauz, Daniel Stolzlederer & Felix Schellhorn
Transmedia Art

a poster series by students of the department of Transmedia Art

The individual works address a very complex range of issues that make up the public sphere. Francesca Centonze designs spaces of longing in our turbo-capitalist world, Sara Röth and Julius Pristauz reflect on normative ways of life and formulate an emancipated attitude towards the wish to have children, Vanessa Mazanik sketches a vision about the sacrifices of the information society and Daniel Stolzlederer and Felix Schellhorn inform about the present Covid-19 crisis.

in the context of: “In der Kubatur des Kabinetts – der Kunstsalon im Fluc“

Fluc / Posterwall Praterstern 5 / 1020 Vienna

until 30.6.2020