The Essence 2020 – digital edition

Graphics and Printmaking

For the first Angewandte Festival in 2019, we cleaned out our studio and transformed it into a white cube exhibition space. In all modesty, we called our contribution “The Essence 2019”. For this year’s festival, the plan was to do the same – but in the opposite way. We had decided not to dispel the everyday chaos, rather to accept and emphasise it. We wanted to invite you all to share a couple of days of our everyday studio reality. Shame. Due to the invasion of tiny little creatures, we currently can’t even share our studio amongst ourselves. As compensation, we now invite you into our respective lockdown studios. What can be seen in these much more intimate spaces – be it real or invented, concrete or fanciful, a lot or just a little – we each decided in isolation on our own. Also we don’t really know today what is going on in the next room.

Prof. Jan Svenungsson, Institut für Bildende und Mediale Kunst

Nick Havelka, Masken-Selfie, 2020

Sophie-Luise Passow, Masken-Selfie, 2020

Farila Neshat, Masken-Selfie, 2020