Small Things That Hold

Souvenirs for Future Neighbours
Fri. 26.6.2020 15.00 to 16.00 Uhr
Maria Bacila, Mila Balzhieva, Helen Emily Davy, Paula Flores, Klara Krämer, Alfredo Quintana, Naoki Matsuyama, Jannis Neumann, Lindsey Nicholson, Peter Reischl, Els van Houtert, Miloš Vučićević, Marko Markovic
Art & Science

One step at a time, walk into the daylight. You don’t need to travel to arrive at a different place. But what will you bring back home with you? Watch out for speculative souvenirs. They are not just physical objects; they encompass all sorts of tangents with a past-future-present. Search for new encounters, explore parallel worlds, navigate between fantasies, get lost and be found. Let’s dance to the fragility of life.