remote sandbox: Distances Sound

A collaborative multi-channel sound sculpture
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Sara Anzola D’Andrea, Manuel Cyrill Bachinger, Kilian Hanappi, Anton Iakhontov, Isabelle Orsini-Rosenberg, Luca Sabot. Artistic guidance: Thomas Felder
Digital Arts

Starting with the question of how multi-channel sound structures and acoustic spaces interact, students from the Department of Digital Arts in the courses Digital Sound & Voice 3 and 4 held by Thomas Felder explore options of sculptural and installative interpretations of a band.

One electronic and four acoustic instruments are played by air compressors and servomotors in such a way that the instruments – whose sonority is limited due to the motorised control mechanisms – attain a completely different sound quality.

A specially written score, which controls the motors via MIDI and Arduino, frees the instruments from their original role as “rhythm” and “harmony” instruments and transforms them into a multi-channel sound sculpture in the acoustic space.

Distances Sound (Flöte)

Distances Sound (Becken)

Distances Sound (Gitarre)

Distances Sound (Snare)