Press 1 for Water from the Mountains

Institut für Kunstwissenschaften, Kunstpädagogik & Kunstvermittlung
authors and performers: Daniel Aschwanden, Anna Litovskikh, Lina Marangattil, Elisa Pezza, Simon Platzgummer, Lisa Rohringer  In collaboration with Soho Ottakring
Art and Communication Practices, Design, Architecture and Environment for Art Education, Textiles - Free, Applied and Experimental Artistic Design

Once we were all at sea. That was a long time ago, we grew apart with water, even though we are part water.

We took the current crisis as an incentive to engage with the subject of water and to reconnect with it. We create a space for performative reflection through intimate communication, poetry, and concentrated, physical interaction with the liquid through moving, approaching, touching, drinking, storytelling, feeling, and simply by coming into contact with water – researching it as an entity in and around us without the constraints of daily routine. This can simply entail an act of celebrating drinking water – for instance, picking up our favourite glass, or reflecting on the various efforts and time it takes to get some drinking water.

The pieces are performed on the basis of instructions, which are imparted via personal telephone calls: Via an online form, interested participants can select the time slot and content on the day of the festival. You will be called by a person from the group of performers and guided through a series of instructions. In a reflection upon water – between personal experience and economic, political, ecological aspects of human-water relations – the person called becomes an actor him/herself. The performers follow a loose script of instructions, poems, citations, and own stories, while leaving space for the flow of interactions, for input from their discussion partners, which can shift the conversation and direction of the performance.

Showcasing the multitude of human attitudes towards water is an attempt to navigate a sea of uncertainty, which we are all currently confronted with.