Discursive reflection of the artistic research project //*Neuromatic Game Art: Critical Play with Neurointerfaces*//
Fri. 26.6.2020 20.30 to 21.00 Uhr
Margarete Jahrmann, Ruth Schnell, Stefan Glasauer, Charlotta Ruth, Anna Dobrosovska,
Center Research Focus, Digital Arts

Thought condensation online.

Discussion of the project partners of the Neuromatic Research Group: Margarete Jahrmann, PI Artistic Research/ Neuromatic Game Art, Stefan Glasauer BTU Cottbus/ Computational Neurosciences and Ruth Schnell/ Digital Art, with examples from their practice, on Combat Science(s) and reflections on an emergent method of artistic research on neurointerfaces and experimental interfaces.

Starting point of the discussion is the duration performance series Neuromatic Brainwave Broadcasts by the artist Margarete Jahrmann and the neuroscientist Stefan Glasauer, weekly Live Online since Lockdown and Ongoing, beyond that as well as a comparison to installation performance works like the AI work “Happy Monkeys” shown in January 2020 at AIL.

Contributing to the discussion will be participants of the most recent performances, representatives of the Philosophy of Technology of the University of Vienna, Anna Dobrosovestnova and Artistic Research PhD Kanditatin/Ludic Method Choreographer Charlotta Ruth.


Live discourse of members of the Neuromatic Game Art Group: Margarete Jahrmann, Ruth Schnell, Stefan Glasauer, Charlotta Ruth, Anna Dobrosovska.

Screenshot Live Broadcast May 2020 – Jahrmann/Glasauer/Wagensommerer

Online Channel of 26 broadcast performances – as ongoing duration performance and ludic experiment/ Jahrmann & Glasauer 2020

I want to See Happy Monkeys, Installation, AI-Emotion Recognition, Jahrmann/Glasauer/Wagensommerer, AIL 2020