Lab Diaries

Videos from Isolation
Wed. 24.6.2020 21.45 to 22.15 Uhr
Maxim Brezhnev, Francesca Centonze, Christopher Frieß, Christina Grüll, Nazanin Mehraein, Jannis Neumann, Leonhard Pill, Selina Rottmann

A “lab diary” is a notebook that documents the planning, execution, and evaluation of experiments. This semester, students in the “Crossover Video” course worked on the theme of isolation and documented parts of their lives in narrative and non-narrative, experimental video contributions. Students were encouraged to view the strict and unprecedented measures imposed on us, such as stay-at-home orders and social distancing rules, not as obstacles but conversely as raw material or a catalyst for their artistic practice.

Live on 26.06.2020 21:45 – 22:15


by Francesca Centonze


by Christopher Frieß

Träume in Bettlaken

by Christina Grüll


by Nazanin Mehraein

Service Teile

TVJ-Set for 4 TVs

by Leonhard Pill

The love parade and the love drain (2020)

by Maxim Brezhnev

The video is about relationships, sometimes it’s something very easy or very complicated  just like geometry or machines, very high like spaceships or eagles or very low as mole holes. Also maybe about Hollywood cinema commodity and low budget trash movies, sci-fi or high literature, or high in low culture. Or what if to shoot the same movie but roles will be played with actors of another gender, to change coordinates of social dimension in this movie. If it could change something today? Turn the bodies and experience around, If it is important to speak about such experiences or to leave it in a tomb.


by Selina Rottmann