Digital Craftsmanship

Creative workshops for distance learning students
Thu. 25.6.2020 11.00 to 12.00 Uhr
C. Carli, V. Faißt, H. Katzenberger, J. Kniezinger, M. Mansour, S. Platzgummer, J. Schrems, L. Zepf Zentrum Didaktik für Kunst und interdisziplinären Unterricht

Student teachers in the Experimental Laboratory: Digital Craftsmanship course focus on analogue and digital techniques. The unusual conditions brought about by the imposition of coronavirus measures call for a radical rethink of what classes can be like in our digital world. Students were tasked with the development of distance learning concepts for digital art education. They will present their creative solutions to this problem in live workshops and invite others to join in.