Claiming Space

Gaining space – восстановление пространства – Alanı kazanmak – at vinde plad – Raum gewinnen
Wed. 24.6.2020 21.45 to 22.15 Uhr
Victoria Coeln, Ines Frieda, Elif Gunduz, Žiga Jereb, Luca Celine Müller, Olesya Parfenuk, Marcella Ruiz Cruz, Laura Spes
Applied Photography and Time-Based Media

We are CLAIMING SPACE, opening up, creating new space, giving and projecting space, observing space. The changes and events of the past few months have led to many questions about public, private, and university-held space: Are there places that are not geared towards consumption, functionality, transfer, etc.? Are there places only for “being”? Also: Is a university building a public space? We want a discourse with the public. To do so, we use the “new open space” in front of the old PSK building. A new space for the university, a “competence center for art and science” is being created here. Right before this foil, we want to negotiate these explosive questions and invite you to do so as well, directly in public space – a place of our future.

Together we want to create new space, one that is open to everyone and free of thresholds, in which new approaches and social interactions can take place. The Light as metaphorical, literal, quantum physical, ethical, sociological, aesthetical phenomenon can open up space and reality, forms the kind of communication on which we base our artistic intervention. We use this visual medium to open up a new perspective on what already exists and to create new spaces for the future, both verbatim and metaphorical.

This work was created as part of the course “Light: Painting, Photography, Film” with the Viennese artist Victoria Coeln.

We thank the public lighting Vienna, WIEN LEUCHTET.