Gaining space – восстановление пространства – Alanı kazanmak – at vinde plad – Raum gewinnen
Wed. 24.6.2020 21.45 to 22.15 Uhr
students of Angewandte Fotografie und zeitbasierte Medien with Victoria Coeln and Žiga Jereb
Applied Photography and Time-Based Media

Please join as you wish: either live in public space (Georg-Coch-Platz) or online to our zoom space! The both will be interconnected, creating a stunning melange of atmospheres, questioning our constant transformation in between the two. Are there places in the real and/or digital public space simply dedicated for “being”?

CLAIMING SPACE is opening up, creating new space, giving and projecting space, observing space–– and invites you to surprise us!

Join us on Zoom:  

PW 907155