Camping Performance and filling voids

Fri. 26.6.2020 19.30 to 20.00 Uhr
Campingperformance und Lücken füllen
Gruppe Bussi students of the department of site-specific art and others
Site Specific Art

Gap sites between buildings mark fractures in the capitalist real estate market. During the festival days, we will live, work, and be there collectively. What’s more, you’re invited to pass by. Complete amateurs will hold a variety of workshops, ranging from sun cooking, recognizing plants, fragment-literature, electronics, underground-graffiti (by Puber and Huber) and show-wrestling to digging a hole collectively. Also there will be a spontaneous stage program with music, dramatic and athletic performances.

We are on site during the whole festival

23.6.– 26.6., daily 8:00–22:00,

daily program starts around 17:00,

workshops until around 20:00,

stage program until around 22:00.

1180 Vienna, for the precise location write:




Workshopprogram: (maybe some changes will occur)

Tuesday: 17:00 sculpture making, 18:00 underground-graffiti-workshop (by Puber and Huber), 18:30 recognizing plantneighbours, 19:00 show-wrestling, starting at 20:00 spontaneous stage program

Mittwoch: 17:00 suncooking (when the sun is shining, otherwise we will do something else), 17:00 fragment-literature, 17:00 underground-graffiti-workshop (by Puber and Huber), 19:00 tooljamsession, starting at 20:00 spontaneous stage program

Donnerstag: 17:00 city-walk ending in stilts training, starting at 20:00 spontaneous stage program

Freitag: 16:00 suncooking (when the sun is shining, otherwise we’ll do something else), 16:00 not-touching-the-floor, 17:00 funeralceremony, 18:00 fragment-literature, starting at 20:00 spontaneous stage program

spontaneous and always occuring: spiritual cleansing (on demand), heliumrapbattles, feet-theater, collective hole-digging, not-touching-the-floor, school of nonsense, finding plantneighbours, giant soap bubbles, badminton-tournament, skateramp,  electronics-lab, radiostation, anarcheology,…

See you there!!