Angewandte Decks

Site-specific intervention in wood for the garden of Oskar-Kokoschka-Platz
Charlotte Heller, Lydia Hinteregger, Magdalena Kernegger, Joyce Lee, Wolfgang Miksits, Yeeun Namkoong, Stephanie Sentall, Sophia Widmann, Michalina Zadykowicz // Studio Holz : Philipp Reinsberg & Lukas Allner
Design, Architecture and Environment for Art Education

This is a proposal for a site specific installation, that activates the spatial and communicative potential of the Angewandte courtyard at Oskar-Kokoschka-Platz.

The wooden decks feature diverse geometric formations related to an interaction with the human body. The structures provide an equivocal functionality inspiring various modes of inhabitation and social activity yet to be found and repeatedly reconfigured. The project was started this summer semester in an open, cross-disciplinary process by incorporating ideas, feedback and desires from all members of the Angewandte and translated by the participants from different departments. This concept is embedded in  “design and make” courses called Studio Holz at Department DAE/ Prof. Kaltenbrunner. The last month made us work from home and meet only virtually. 

What you see here is a collective design and the output of this weekly online meeting by students, selected guests and lecturers. 

The design is an intermediate result and aimed to be realized by the authors and with the Angewandte Workshops in the coming months.